June 29, 2016

Master of Her Heart is the new title for an old book that has been out of print for a very long time. It was originally called just "Michael" and was the second in the Sons of Amber series that never quite got off the ground due to publisher issues that are now solved. The first Sons of Amber story was originally titled simply "Ezekiel" and was substantially revised and given the new title of Angel in the Badlands several months ago.

Michael is a Commander in the human military set to defend our galaxy against the enemy jit'suku. Leah is his Executive Officer. They have worked together for two years and she always managed to diffuse his Dominant temper. Now they're going undercover to bust a slavery ring. He's posing as a buyer, she's his newest toy. When the lines between acting and reality blur, can they not only stop the sale of women to the enemy but come out of the mission with their hearts intact?

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June 12, 2016

Until June 28th, you can get your own Limited Edition D'Arc Side T-shirts from Teespring1 There are 2 available now - a Dragon Knights design that we ran once before, but only in 1 size and color (dark blue with silver print). This time, you can choose from a variety of shirt styles and colors. The image is black, for the black dragons who rule Draconia!

The second design lets you be a part of Redstone Construction. Designed to look like something one of the guys might wear on a job site, it has the name of the company emblazoned across the chest, with a stylized cougar image. The image is printedin khaki on a variety of "safety" colors as well as a few darker choices. I especially like the dark blue, purple, and the hunter green. ;-)

You can find both campaigns on the Teespring site here: https://teespring.com/stores/bianca-darc

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