February 13, 2018

It all started with a kiss…

Gabe arranged it so he would kiss Margo, the lovely werewolf private investigator, on the stroke of midnight at a family New Year’s Eve celebration. They’d been paired up for a mission to find the evil mage who had messed with both their families years before.

She couldn’t be sure of his motives…

Gabe was a magic user and he puzzled her inner wolf. She wasn’t quite sure where he’d fit into her life—or if he could at all. But something strong was drawing them closer together and she was powerless to resist.

They had a job to do…

Traveling together on the hunt, Margo and Gabe discover and explosive mutual attraction. Can they make this incredible thing between them work long-term? Gabe is a patient man, but he knows he’s going to have to prove himself in order to win Margo’s heart. He wants her for his mate, but will she be able to cross the lines and give her heart to a mage?

Get your copy of Midnight Kiss now.


February 12, 2018

I'm participating in the Hot for the Holiday Valentine's Day Sale Event starting today and going until the 15th of February. Check out all the great books on sale for 99c here.

There are a ton of great books on sale, but only for a limited time, so get them while they're hot!

February 11, 2018

The ebook version releases on Tuesday, but the print version is already available. (A little perk for print readers this time.)

Margo is a werewolf on a mission...with a disruptively handsome mage named Gabe. She can't figure out where Gabe fits in the pecking order, but it doesn't seem to matter to the attraction driving her wild. Gabe knows he's going to have to prove himself in order to win Margo's heart. He wants her for his mate, but can she give her heart to a mage? And will their dangerous quest get in the way?

Links: https://www.biancadarc.com/midnight-kiss

February 10, 2018

I'm hard at work writing Bounty Hunter Bear, but also looking forward to the release of Midnight Kiss on Tuesday because Ezra - the hero of Bounty Hunter Bear - plays a key role in the end of Midnight Kiss. :) Actually, writing Midnight Kiss is what pushed me in the direction of writing Ezra's book next.

There is one little minor hiccup that not even my superfan beta reader picked up in time to change it - I actually wrote Midnight Kiss AFTER I wrote Loaded for Bear, which releases next month. So, for one month, there's a little bit of a disconnect because in a couple of spots when Gabe and Margo visit Grizzly Cove in their book (Midnight Kiss), they make note of things that happened in Loaded for Bear. Oops!

Like I said, my editor didn't pick up on it and I didn't really realize that they were coming out switched around until like a few days ago. I don't think most of you would have spotted it because it's just a casual mention here and there. Not enough to make me want to try to m...

February 9, 2018

If you've never read DAVIN'S QUEST, now's your chance to get a FREE copy. THIS WEEKEND ONLY! I've never given this book away before, so get it while it's hot!

For each Alvian, there is one perfect match a Resonance Mate whose soul blends in perfect harmony. Unlike the rest of his race, Davin has emotions and suffers for it. Without a mate, he is doomed to go mad. Searching for answers and understanding, he seeks out Callie O’Hara, a human woman with strong empathic gifts. Could this fragile human be his Resonance Mate?

Rick St. John is a tough-as-nails survivor of the Alvian occupation of Earth. He doesn’t believe in much, but when he sees Callie for the first time, he starts to believe in love at first sight.

The Governing Council is gunning for Davin, the upstart who dares to defy them. And they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way. Davin and Rick must come to terms with their feelings for Callie in order to keep her safe, while she has to find a way to save them both with her love.


February 7, 2018

I started this year really moving along on new material. Wow! Right now, Midnight Kiss is already available in print (a little perk for print readers) and will release in ebook formats on 2/13. Loaded for Bear is on preorder and will release on 3/20.

What I'm working on right now is Bounty Hunter Bear - a new Grizzly Cove book that I hope to release soon. Already finished (at least the 1st draft), is a book that will release in May as part of a multi-author collaborative project. The books aren't related - just branded the same - sort of like my Howls Romance books.

My book in the project features a brand new kind of shifter (for me) and is related to all of my paranormal romances - set in the same Tales of the Were world. I've committed to write 3 books in this set, so we'll see how it goes. I can't say too much more just yet, but will be telling you all about it once the other folks in the project hit the launch button. ;-)

A few of my books will be going on sale throughout the month. F...

February 3, 2018

Here it is! The long-awaited cover reveal for Bounty Hunter Bear - Ezra's story.

You'll learn even more about Ezra in Midnight Kiss, which releases on February 13th in ebook (print is already available now). Ezra first appeared in last year's Badass Bear. He was a bounty hunter friend of Trevor's who helped stop the other bounty hunters hired by Beth's stepfather. Ez is definitely one of the good guys and he's been working for Beth and Trevor as a troubleshooter ever since she inherited her father's business empire, which had been turned to evil purposes by her step-father.

In Midnight Kiss, Ezra's new job overlaps with the action a bit as Gabe and Margo search for the elusive evil mage, Bolivar. Ezra helps free Bolivar's prisoners and in the process, meets a bear shifter female who stirs his protective instincts.

Bounty Hunter Bear is the story of how Ezra reunites with the woman he once saved from that horrific experience with the evil mage. She's better now and their paths cross again....

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