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Daughters of the Dryad

For the first time ever, we're doing a Kickstarter to mark the end of the dryad story line. We'll be doing an EARLY release of The Elven Star with bonus items, as well as a set of new editions of the 7 dryad-related novels that will not be available anywhere else.

For the early release, The Elven Star will have a matching "discreet" cover that fits in with the Special Editions of the other 7 books. For the regular release a couple of months from now (exact date is To Be Announced), it'll have the cover with the couple on it.

If you get the EARLY release ebook through the Kickstarter, you will also get a newly compiled ebook that contains all the bonus material in one place. You'll also get digital files containing a printable timeline of the dryad books and a printable family tree that could even be used for coloring, if that's your thing.

If you're into print, there will be Special Editions - again, that are not available anywhere else - that will have each book's bonus material included at the end of the books. They'll have fancier formatting and new, "discreet" covers in jewel tones (you'll understand the significance of the colors when you read The Elven Star). There is also an assortment of SWAG items including jewelry, bookmarks, and other neat stuff.

Check out our very first Kickstarter here:

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