Gift of the Ancients #3

A Friend in Need

It’s a case of wrong place, right time when Hannah meets Carter in the middle of a mall shooting spree.


She’s a wounded warrior…


Hannah came home from her tour in the dessert with a foot busted up almost beyond repair. It’s been a struggle to get back to civilian life after her injury, but she’s working at the mall and doing what the doctors tell her, when all of a sudden, she’s back in a firefight, in the middle of suburbia!

He puts the special in Special Forces…

Carter is tasked to look after the woman who can’t run, and finds himself enchanted by her coolness under fire. Days later, he feels compelled to check on her, and then, the true adventure begins as attraction explodes into heated desire, and enemies on her doorstep cause him to take drastic action.

They have a lot in common, including a smoldering mutual attraction…

Both sergeants, they’re both in the Army, though under very different commands. Still, they find common ground and fiery passion, together. When a sleeper cell is awakened, it will take both of them to stop the insanity. Can they do it without losing anyone…especially each other?