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Heal the Healer

Gift of the Ancients

She knows magic and medicine in equal measure…


Lynn was raised with one foot in the mortal world of science and technology, the other rooted in her grandmother’s realm of magic, shifters and good versus evil. She chose to follow in her late father’s footsteps to become a medical researcher, never imagining a military unit would need her help as both a researcher, and as the granddaughter of one of the most powerful witches in the country. But the unit needs her on both fronts, and she’s determined to do her best, even if it means going into danger.


In a world of shapeshifters and magic, one military unit stands alone…


Gifted with superhuman powers by an ancient and capricious djinn, the Special Forces operatives of Rick’s unit need help dealing with their new superhero status. They are only just learning what they can really do and all about the world of shifters and magic around them. Hunted by a hidden enemy, they are in constant danger, as is anyone close to them.


Soldier and doctor, Rick has a special obligation to keep everybody safe…


Rick is attracted to the beautiful doctor, but hates the fact that working with him and the other guys in his unit puts her in serious danger. When she volunteers as bait to lure in the enemy shapeshifters who are stalking the island, he hates every minute of it, but Lynn proves she’s made of tougher stuff than anyone expects. He admires her strength of will and her pure heart, but can he ask her to forsake the outside world to stay with him…forever? Is she really his fated mate, or are they both caught up in the magic of this strange new world?

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