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October 4, 2022


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Trident Trilogy, Book 3

Nobody expects the eldest Morrow brother to do much against a menacing magical beast. They’re about to find out how very wrong they are.

Fully human, non-magical, but Special Forces to the core…


Deke is the designated heir to an ancient legacy that he doesn’t fully understand. Being non-magical in a family of powerful water elementals hasn’t always been easy, but he loves his brothers and sister and will do anything to help them defeat the leviathan – including risk his own life to find and use a legendary magical artifact.


A wood nymph with no real idea what she is…


Magical and mysterious, Cece has lived alone on her mountaintop since she was eighteen and her parents were killed in a wreck. She doesn’t know much about the power that awakened within her, but she takes her role as guardian of her woodland home very seriously. When Deke asks to search her forest for Poseidon’s Trident, she watches from the shadows, fascinated by the most intriguing and ruggedly handsome man she’s ever met.


Together, they will end the leviathan come hell or very high water…


Pursued by enemies, they fly to Grizzly Cove, there to join forces with the others who have gathered to try to defeat the leviathan once and for all, including Deke’s entire family. He never expected to fall in love with a woman of power, but Deke knows – if he survives the battle to come – he will never love another. Cece is his fated mate, if a human can have such a thing, and he plans to ask her to marry him once the business of the leviathan is well and truly settled. With that kind of incentive, the leviathan won’t know what hit it.

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