Happy Saturday!

I'm hard at work writing Bounty Hunter Bear, but also looking forward to the release of Midnight Kiss on Tuesday because Ezra - the hero of Bounty Hunter Bear - plays a key role in the end of Midnight Kiss. :) Actually, writing Midnight Kiss is what pushed me in the direction of writing Ezra's book next.

There is one little minor hiccup that not even my superfan beta reader picked up in time to change it - I actually wrote Midnight Kiss AFTER I wrote Loaded for Bear, which releases next month. So, for one month, there's a little bit of a disconnect because in a couple of spots when Gabe and Margo visit Grizzly Cove in their book (Midnight Kiss), they make note of things that happened in Loaded for Bear. Oops!

Like I said, my editor didn't pick up on it and I didn't really realize that they were coming out switched around until like a few days ago. I don't think most of you would have spotted it because it's just a casual mention here and there. Not enough to make me want to try to mess with the manuscript at the last minute, which might only make things worse. LOL. So, I left it as is. In a month when Loaded for Bear comes out, it won't make any difference, right? I hope, the few of you that this bothers, can forgive me. <3

Yes, you heard it here first, I am a human being. I might sound like an alien or some kind of robot from time to time, but I'm here to tell you, I'm actually human. ;-) (Though I kind of wish I could be a shifter... or an elf.) :D

Now... since you put up with all that, I just might have accidentally put a few Easter Eggs on my website Coming Soon page. You might want to go take a look if you want a little sneak peek at some upcoming covers. (I might have to pull it down shortly. I actually did it by accident, but I like looking at it, so I'll leave it up for a little bit - as long as I can get away with it. LOL)


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