Special Note Regarding the Closing of Samhain Publishing...

February 17, 2017
Many of you may know that Samhain Publishing was my main publisher for many years. Mine was one of the first few books they published when they opened in 2006 and I didn't stop publishing with them until sometime in 2014 or thereabouts. As a result, they still had the rights to many of my books in Febraury 2017 when they announced they were shutting their doors for good.
Samhain gave me my start and I will always thank them for that. They also seem to be handling the going-out-of-business work with decency. They have promised to return all rights to the authors and therefore, I've been making plans for the return of 14 books that I will have to either re-publish myself or find new homes for.
The books in question are:
1. Maiden Flight
2. The Dragon Healer
3. Border Lair
4. Master at Arms
5. The Ice Dragon
6. Prince of Spies
7. FireDrake
8. Dragon Storm
9. Keeper of the Flame
10. Warrior's Heart
11. Hidden Talent
12. Wolf Hills
13. Wolf Quest
14. Harry's Sacrifice
I also received the rights back to Cat's Cradle last month and am in the process of re-editing and re-formatting it for re-release shortly.
Having been through the re-release process a few times now, I can tell you a bit of what to expect...
1st - the books will be taken down from all the retailers and remain out of print until I get new versions published. This could take months as each book has to be re-formatted at the very least. I also like to do a fresh edit to hopefully take out any mistakes or typos that might have been in the manuscript when it first went to print.
2nd - the books will remain for sale in print, but this is misleading. The print books that remain on sale are from 3rd-party vendors who might have stock of the old Samhain versions in their inventory. Pricing might vary widely in such cases. They might also be used copies being re-sold. Be wary and read the descriptions carefully so you know what you're getting if you go this route.
3rd - the books will start to reappear in ebook first. Ebook formatting and publishing is a bit less complicated than print right now, so it's easier for me to self-publish in ebook first. I will, most likely, be self-publishing these books, though I am entertaining the idea of finding a new publisher for some of them. Maybe. I haven't really decided yet.
4th - the books will be re-published in print on a slower basis because the print process is more complicated and time consuming. I'm going to do my best to get them all out in ebook and print as quickly as possible, but if I do self-publish them all, it's going to take time, and that's time away from writing new material, so I have to act accordingly. I hope you all understand.
I also don't want to "dump" all these books on the market all at once. I know old fans will have read most of these already, so my goal is to try to find new readers for some of these older books. I may be running promotions or doing publicity to try to attract new readers to the series - especially my Dragon Knights series, which is most affected by this closure.
I'll try to update this page as new information becomes available. Thanks for your understanding and patience during this turbulent time.
All the best,