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Together they will reap the whirlwind...

Sabrina is a weather witch losing control. Everything she touches seems to fall apart and tornadoes are whirling down Main Street in the small shifter town in the Canadian Rockies where she's lived for the past year or so.

Ace is a bear shifter on walkabout without his brothers for the first time in a long time. When he stops to talk to the Lords of the Were, he is given a mission to help a hapless Sabrina get back to their compound in Montana so she can get help.

When they get together, tempests are the least of their problems. Sparks fly between them and an attraction builds, even as bad guys come looking for Sabrina, trying to steal her power. Will Ace be able to get her to safety or will the whirlwind take them into the darkness of the unknown?

"Bianca D'Arc is one of the few authors in my AUTOBUY category. For almost 10 year, I have trusted her to provide a good story with great world building, memorable and relatable characters, several series with overlapping perspectives... It's very much like the Marvel cinematic universe--each movie stands alone on it's own merit, yet each individual character franchise stands alone but is part of a greater whole. ... I can't wait for the next!" - 5 STAR Amazon review

"The Grizzly Cove series gets better with each book. D’Arc is an autobuy for me and has been for years." - 5 STAR Amazon review

"I loved this read! It included just enough humor, intrigue, action, etc to keep me riveted from beginning to end!" - 5 STAR Amazon review