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Cameron is a fey prince who has chosen to live in the mortal realm, sworn to fight evil wherever he finds it.


Sir Cameron le Fey is on a mission to track down the final dryad granddaughter. He has to get to her before the enemy does, but when he finds her, she surprises him. She’s not really like the others.


Kaleen is an unexpected power with knowledge far beyond her years.


Kaleen Fairchild doesn’t think she’s in any danger when Cameron shows up in her back yard, but she begins to believe when she’s attacked in her own garden by a mage up to no good.


Together they will find a rare and special love, rediscover forgotten magic, and do their best to free the trapped dryad.


They will face danger together and bond over shared magic. He’s never met anyone like her and she finds herself attracted to him in ways she’s never felt before. Together they will join with the others to perform the Elven Star spell to try to help Leonora. After that, only Fate can tell where they wind up. Each has a legacy of magic and duty, but they will have to choose where that legacy leads them -- to their family duty in the fey realm, or to battle evil in the mortal one? Together or apart, they need to decide where and when, and if their feelings can last through all their immortal days.

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