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Three full-length novels in one ebook volume! This ebook contains:



Molly is a siren with a very dangerous power. Her small community is endangered by the evil leviathan and she’s been sent to the mainland to get help. She teams up with Rick, a water elemental and Navy SEAL, on a quest to get help from the bear shifter soldiers of Grizzly Cove, but it’s not as straight forward as it seems. She’s undeniably attracted to Rick and sparks fly between them. Could he possibly be feeling the same?



Navy SEAL Jim is back from his latest mission a changed man. Tilly is a highly specialized thunderbird shifter who senses his deep pain and wants to help. Not only that, she is very attracted to the emotionally wounded warrior and senses in him a kindred spirit. Jim finds Tilly irresistible and incredibly compelling. He is drawn to her like no other. Can they join forces to defeat an ancient evil, live to tell the tale, and somehow find a way to stay together forever?



On a quest to find the ancient Trident of Poseidon, Deke, a non-magical Spec Ops soldier raised in a family of water elementals, joins forces with a mysterious woman who doesn’t know the nature of her own power. Sparks fly between them as earth and water meet and combine in the most tempestuous way imaginable. Will the human heir to an ancient legacy be the one to finally defeat the leviathan, and will he live to claim his very magical mate?

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