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Wildwood in Winter

Brotherhood of Blood ~ Wildwood #3

A simple first-contact mission goes horribly awry…

Arlo was just going up to Idaho for a quick visit to a possible new member of his extended Pack - a part-dryad who might be related to the Pack’s Alpha female. What he finds is a woman who stirs his senses and challenges his perceptions on every level. He likes her. A lot. Maybe too much. What he doesn’t like is the mage who comes calling, out for her blood.


Shared danger, shared adventure…


Running for their lives, Arlo learns that his new dryad friend is very powerful and incredibly ingenious. A woman after his own heart. His inner wolf wants to claim her and she seems amenable, but they have to deal with the people trying to kill them first.


Fate, it seems has ideas about her previously quiet life…

Pam is drawn to the handsome werewolf. She doesn’t like the danger, but she wouldn’t want to face it with anyone else by her side. Arlo inspires trust, and a lusty attraction like she’s never felt before. Not only that, but he’s the kind of guy she could easily fall in love with…if she dares.

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