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I was asked how many books I'd written and I had to go back and check because I'd lost count. If you're interested, here's a link to a PDF file that has all my individual titles, in order of release, by year. As of December 2019, I'm up to 90. All but one is still available in some form.

Some questions get asked a lot. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. They'll be updated as things change, plans are made and the future unfolds...

Updated: March 29, 2020

Are you going to write any more...

...Dragon Knights?

Yes! The current plan is to write a total of 20-21 books in the series. Book #15 just came out in October 2019, so that means 5-6 more before we finalize things up at the Citadel.

...Resonance Mates?

Unlike most of my series, the Resonance Mates set was always planned as a 5-book story arc. The first four were published by my first publisher and the fifth was held in limbo for a while when that publishing house went out of business over a period of years. I had not planned to write more after I finished that set, but I have been thinking about doing an additional trilogy for a while now. I just haven't had time to write it with everything else that's been going on both personally and professionally. I would like to do that spinoff trilogy for a few of the supporting characters we've met along the way, and still want to do so. I'll just have to find the time to make it happen. Hopefully, next year.

...Gift of the Ancients?

Yes! I am finally getting two more stories out in 2020, and hope to do a few more soon!

...Gemini Project?

Yes. By the end of 2019, there were three stories in the series out, and the connection with my other paranormal worlds has been solidified. I hope to add more as time goes along until all the members of the Gemini unit get their own stories. I tend to do these near the end of the year and currently, that's the plan for 2020, but we'll see how it goes.


Maybe. Not sure. And not planned anytime soon. Sorry.


Yes! I'm working steadily on the ongoing paranormal story lines. Grizzly Cove will swing us back around in 2020 to deal with the leviathan in the tie-in Trident Trilogy. Once we deal with the beastie, and Elspeth has had time to recover and regroup, the war will start in earnest. At that point, I will probably return to the Brotherhood of Blood story line to get poor Leonora out of that tree (in case you were wondering). ;-)

I'm adding this section to answer questions that come up repeatedly...

Katherine, in my fb fan group, asked: "I just read Future Past and found out there was a book before that so I am reading it next. I see it ties in with Tales of The Were. Now my question is: do Guardians of the Dark also tie in?"

My answer to the group was: "Guardians of the Dark, Tales of the Were, Brotherhood of Blood, etc, were all begun when I was writing for publishers. Each started with a different publisher. The publishers didn't allow crossover. If they contracted a book or a series, it had to be set in a world that was ONLY written for that publisher.


Some of the series were always in the same world - in my mind - but I had to keep them separate for the sake of the publisher contracts. I was able to merge BoB and ToW early on because the publisher of BoB went out of business years ago and I got the rights back and brought those books over to Samhain Publishing (this was in the days before indie publishing). That's why I was able to write Sweeter Than Wine, which joins the two series, and all that's come after.


Guardians was written for a traditional "NY" publisher and I only got the rights back... um... a year or two ago? In my mind, the wider world I set those books in was the same, but like with BoB and ToW, I couldn't say so. Now? Yeah, I would say that all the paranormals I've written are in essentially the same world. Some books make it clear - as Deuces Wild did for the Gemini Project series, which started with yet another publisher years ago. The appearance of the Kinkaid lions in Gift of the Ancients does that for that series. I haven't written more of the Guardians series and I'm not sure if I will. It's an idea in the back of my mind. I just don't know when or how it would happen, right now."

What is the reading order for your paranormals?



I tried to make a graphic to show how the paranormal books up to Matt are spaced out. There is a lot of overlap as references are made to the events of one sub-series in another. I *think* the graphic below about covers it.


For series order within each series, check out the individual series pages.

Updated as of Fall 2019

Where can I get a Bianca D'Arc T-shirt?


Occasionally, we'll run T-shirt campaigns through You can check out our storefront by CLICKING HERE.