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Jit'Suku Chronicles: Sons of Amber

The galaxy has been hit with a bioweapon in the ongoing war with the humanoid ailen jit'suku race. The bioweapon targeted human males because the honor-bound jit'suku do not make war on women. Human scientists have been looking for ways to repopulate the human worlds, while at the same time, the bioweapon has turned on its makers.


There are two distinct time periods in which the Jit'Suku Chronicles take place. The Sons of Amber stories are set a couple of centuries after the Arcana stories.

Angel in the Badlands

Zeke crash lands on a desert planet. Angela finds him unconscious, and takes him below ground for treatment. Angela’s people are hiding from humanity’s enemies, but now it’s a race to see who’ll get there first - Zeke’s reinforcements, or the aliens. Note: This novella was previously published under the title “Ezekiel” and has been substantially revised for this new edition.

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Master of Her Heart

Michael is a Commander in the human military set to defend our galaxy against the enemy jit'suku. Leah is his Executive Officer. They have worked together for two years and she always managed to diffuse his Dominant temper. Now they're going undercover to bust a slavery ring. He's posing as a buyer, she's his newest toy. When the lines between acting and reality blur, can they not only stop the sale of women to the enemy but come out of the mission with their hearts intact?

This story was previously published under the title "Michael" and has been revised and re-edited for this new release.

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Star Crossed

When he sees her across a crowded room, the emperor can scarcely believe his fortune. Could she be the one woman meant for him? He had come before the human Council to offer himself in marriage to any female that would help him forge a lasting peace, but when he sees her, he knows she is the only woman who will do. Can they withstand enemies plotting against them, to unite two warring cultures?

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