A good friend told me I was doing myself a disservice with my official bio, so I thought I'd take a moment to go a little further here, on my site, amongst friends. While I'm very proud of what I've accomplished in my life and prior career, for the most part, it's not what I'm about now, as a romance writer. Yet, because of my interest in science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal, I find myself bringing a lot of science into my writing. Of course, the fact that I ran a laboratory for a half-dozen years while I was in grad school probably has a lot to do with that.


I've been a lab geek, climbed to the top of the corporate ladder in the shark-infested streets of lower Manhattan, and earned the right to put a whole bunch of letters after my name, but I've always enjoyed writing more. Even when I was concentrating on my previous career, I was always writing for my own enjoyment. Escaping to my own fantasy world at the end of a rotten day in the office was one of my favorite pastimes and a cheap form of "therapy." Creating new worlds and sharing them with the amazing folks who take the time to actually read my books, is way more fulfilling than anything


I've done before.And now for the...


Official Bio


A life-long martial arts enthusiast, Bianca enjoys a number of hobbies and interests that keep her busy and entertained such as playing the guitar, shopping, painting, shopping, skiing, shopping, road trips, and did we say... um... shopping? A bargain hunter through and through, Bianca loves the thrill of the hunt for that excellent price on quality items, though she's hardly a fashionista. She likes nothing better than curling up by the fire with a good book, or better yet, by the computer, writing a good book.


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