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Tales of the Were: String of Fate

The Tales of the Were is made up of several sub-series, including the String of Fate series, which follows two groups of big cat shifters - the Pantera Noir, or black panther shifters - and the Tigre d'Or tiger clan. Both groups have hereditary monarchs in a system set up in Renaissance Europe, though their roots go far deeper.

Cat's Cradle

Elaine knew being late for her jiu jitsu class could earn her a reprimand. Instead, she stumbles into a man who is way too handsome for his own good - and too sexy for hers. An Alpha Pantera Noir, Cade is drawn to the human woman. She blundered into the middle of his mission, and now it's his responsibility to keep her safe. Except no matter what he does, danger finds her at every turn.


Thrust into a world where the supernatural is commonplace, Elaine finds her ability to resist Cade crumbling by the second. But when nothing is as it seems, the last things she can trust are her own instincts...

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King's Throne

When danger hunts Gina – a tiger shifter living in secrecy because of her lost heritage - Mitch decides to end the threat once and for all. Facing a deadly challenge on the slopes of an active volcano, Mitch will fight the self-proclaimed tiger king and his allies. Only victory will keep his lady safe. And only victory will allow Gina to claim the man she truly loves.

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Jacob's Ladder

Jake can see the future and there’s a special woman on his mind.

For Ria, being the leader of her people comes with a burden. Her special abilities make her a target of an ancient faction that hopes to pervert Ria’s hereditary power to their own evil purposes. She’s lived her life on the run, but the time has come to turn and confront the enemy.

Ria and Jake must prevail... Before it’s too late.

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Her Warriors

Beau and Geir are tiger shifters who are both attracted to the same, mysterious, curvy woman. Jacki is a selkie - a seal shifter. When Jacki is told she doesn’t have to choose between them, she is more than intrigued. But someone is stalking their path and they must work together to nullify the danger, while trying to figure out a complicated relationship that has all three of them questioning fate.

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