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Irish Lullaby

Contemporary stories based in the Irish music scene in the New York metro area, along with a wee bit of second sight and inexplicable things... like love.

Bells Will Be Ringing

A stand-alone Christmas story.

A little angelic help at Christmas might be just what they need…

Eileen Murphy has been through loss. So has Navy SEAL, Alan Fraser. An unlikely couple, the badass soldier falls for the bluesy songbird, learning that after the loss... comes the light.

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Wild Irish Rose

Set in part, in Mari Carr's Wild Irish world.

Roisin can’t forget the man she met in Baltimore last year. Jim can’t forget her either, but he’s been faraway serving in the military. He’s back now, with a big decision to make – to stay in the military or retire. Meeting Roisin again changes everything and she’s wondering if he is meant to be her future. Could this be the start of something truly magical?

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