New Releases will be listed on this page in the order in which they happen. At the end of each year, the page will refresh and the previous year will be added to the drop-down menu. (We'll be adding the years before we created this new website as time allows.)
Click on the covers to be taken to the pages with blurbs and links for each series. You can also access the last 6 months or so of the individual promotion pages for each new release in the drop-down menu under NEW RELEASES.

2021 Releases

New Material

April 27, 2021
Jaguar Island #4
June 15, 2021
Gift of the Ancients #4
October 12, 2021
Dragon Knights #16


Anthologies, Re-Releases, & Cover Updates

November 2021
Gift of the Ancients
Anthology Vol. 1-3
Cover Reveal
Coming Soon