The Jaguar Bodyguard 
Tales of the Were: Jaguar Island (Howls Romance) Book 2

Sworn to protect his Clan, Nick heads to Hollywood to keep an eye on a rising star who has seen too much for her own good.​ Fame has made a circus of Sal’s life, but when threats mount, she needs professional help. Nick embeds himself in her security squad to keep an eye on her as sparks fly and passions rise between them. Can he keep her safe and prevent her from revealing what she knows?

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Midnight Kiss
Tales of the Were: A Were-Fey Love Story Book 3

Margo Mahigan is a werewolf on a mission...with a disruptively handsome mage named Gabe. She can't figure out where Gabe fits in the pecking order, but it doesn't seem to matter when she gives in to the attraction driving her wild. Gabe is a patient man, but he knows he's going to have to prove himself in order to win Margo's heart. He wants her for his mate, but will she be able to cross the lines and give her heart to a magic user? And will their quest to capture a dangerous and evil mage get in their way?

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Loaded for Bear
Tales of the Were: Grizzly Cove Book 10

Mellie Ricoletti has been trying - and failing - to brew just the right potion to do her part to protect her new home of Grizzly Cove. She's got the right recipe now, after months of searching, but it calls for an ingredient she has no idea how to find: dragon's blood. Is it a metaphor? Is it a joke? Dragons don't really exist, do they?

Peter Zilakov is a bear shifter with a secret in his lineage. He is perhaps the one person in Grizzly Cove who knows that, at least at one time, dragons were real. Calling on his heritage for answers, he tries to help Mellie solve her riddle - not just because it's the right thing to do, but because he finds he would give just about anything to the pretty witch...including his heart.

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Bounty Hunter Bear
Tales of the Were: Grizzly Cove Crossroads Book 1

Ezra never thought he’d see her again. Thea is trying to rediscover her inner self after a terrible ordeal. When they run into each other, it’s clear there’s still something between them. Sparks fly as they confront an evil that’s trying to cause bloodshed at a world famous motorcycle rally and Thea rediscovers the Alpha animal inside her...and that she wants sexy Ezra for her mate.

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Phoenix Rising
Tales of the Were: Lick of Fire Book 1

Lance is inexplicably drawn to the sun and doesn’t understand why. Tina is a witch who remembers him from their high school days. She’d had a crush on the quiet boy who had an air of magic about him. Reunited by Fate, she wonders if she could be the one to ground him and make him want to stay even after the fire within him claims his soul...if only their love can be strong enough.

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