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Night of the Nymph

Wildwood Quartet Book 2

An ancient evil hidden among the trees...

Crystal is driving across the state for a job interview when she feels a pressing need to stop her car and get out. She's on the edge of a woodland and she finds herself drawn within to help the trees that are crying out for her attention.

An ancient vampire who treads the fine line between his nature and his duty...

Marco senses the trespasser and expects a confrontation. What he finds is something altogether different. A beautiful, magical woman walking through his woodlands and talking to the trees. Enchanted by her innocent magic, he must discover why she is there and what she intends to do. The estate has an evil history and he's been working to reclaim it for the forces of Light, but he'll have to fight his own dark desires for this woman to discover if she is one of the good guys...or very, very bad.

A shared destiny bigger than either of them expect...

Crystal's unique abilities allow them to discover what has been sickening the trees, and they must work together to protect the entire world from the evil that lurks just below the surface. Will they prevail, and will they find a way to be together when she is a child of the daylight and he is a creature of the night?

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