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Currently, Bianca D'Arc is published exclusively by Hawk Publishing, LLC, under it's romance imprint, Liefde Press.

The Story Behind the Stories...

Bianca started her publishing career as one of the first authors signed to Samhain Publishing, Ltd., in November of 2005. Her first book was released by them on Valentine's Day of 2006, and was aptly titled, Maiden Flight.

Prior to signing the contract with Samhain, though, she had been contracted by a very small press known at the time as Chippewa Publishing, which then split into something called Lady Aibell Press, designed to publish romance exclusively. Though a short story titled One & Only had been contracted in August of 2005 as the result of that story winning a writing contest sponsored by the publisher, it was not released until much later in 2006.

Chippewa and it's imprint, Lady Aibell, went out of business only a couple of years later. Over the years, Bianca has been published by Phaze, Total eBound, and Tease Publishing, all small presses. The stories that were with these publishers have since reverted back to Bianca, the contracts having run their course, and those books have now been re-released by Hawk Publishing, LLC.

In the summer of 2009, Bianca signed with Kensington, to write a series of 5 books for their Brava line. By the autumn, Bianca's mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and got to see Bianca's first galley proofs before she passed away at Christmas.


In 2010, as Bianca struggled with grief and legal issues surrounding her mother's death, she went on to write the rest of the books under that contract, but as regime change swept through Brava headquarters, and her editor was let go, she parted ways with the company and her agent. Those five books were reverted to Bianca in 2018 and were reissued by Hawk Publishing in June and July of 2018.

This will be updated as the story continues to unfold...

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