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Sci Fi Nights
Sci Fi Nights Box Set
End of the Line
Aug. 19, 2014

Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder
String of Fate #3

Tales of the Were
Redstone Clan #5

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King's ThroneAmazon

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Welcome! If you're new here you should probably be made aware that my work runs the gamut from steamy to downright scandalous. Much of my work for Samhain Publishing and other, smaller publishers, deals with menage storylines, so if that's not your cup of tea, you might want to skirt around those titles. If you click on the "By Publisher" link above, you'll see a list by publisher with the more "Red Hot" titles highlighted. Enjoy!

The Latest

Some of you may have heard about Amazon's new Kindle Unlimited program. FIVE of my books are now available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can still borrow them that way. The ebooks now exclusive to Amazon are:

Rocky King's Throne
King of Swords King of Cups King of Clubs

Please Note: You can still get paperback versions of Rocky and King's Throne from other retailers. Only the ebook versions are exclusive to Amazon. In fact, my first audiobook - Rocky - will be available shortly. Stay tuned for more news on that project as it becomes available.

~ ~ ~

Tales of the Were: Grif is now availble in a multi-author bundle for a limited time!

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Website Update

We've made an effort to make the site more accessible to readers. Some of you are looking for the hot stuff, some for the more mainstream books. We're continuing to look for ways to help you zero in on what you want. Right now, you can look at all the books together on the Books page, check out all those that are Coming Soon or browse By Series or By Publisher. As an added feature, "books sorted by publisher" notes those books that have menage themes or scenes. In additon, there is a printable Bibliography that lists all my books in all formats, by series. On that page you will also find a link to the printable Print Bibliography that only lists print books in chronological order of release.

Information on upcoming appearances and Events have been moved over to the Blog. A listing of Awards can also be found on the blog, as well as any Contest information. The D'Arc Side Chat Group remains a fun place to hang out and chat via a Yahoo Group and the Newsletter Group is ONLY for distribution of newsletters and release announcements.

Each sub-genre and series has its own a separate section and each book has its own page. On the individual book pages, you might find review links, puzzles, excerpts, movie trailers, character profiles, and more. They're updated all the time as new information becomes available.

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