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The Jinn Spymaster of Valdis Maj has been working in secret for years, but that's all about to change.

It's a turbulent time in the Kingdom of Valdis. There's a new face at the King's court - a hardened warrior looking to settle down in one place after a lifetime of wandering. He's earned the respect of the King and is asked to liaise with the spymaster. What he doesn't expect is that the spymaster is a woman. A very intriguing, very beautiful woman. Something about her speaks to him on a very basic level. He wants her. But, more importantly, he wants her in his life... forever.

Isolde is a very good spy, but she's never found one man who can make her weak in the knees and also earn her respect. When she meets Brighton, she suspects he might just be the one. It'll take two wild dragons and assassination attempts on their liege lord to throw them into danger - and prove their attraction isn't just a fleeting thing.

They might just have a shot at a real, life-long bond... If they both survive the trials ahead.

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