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An ex-military lion shifter meets the girl next door amid danger, deception and a battle pitting the forces of good against evil. All the while, attraction sparks between them that just might lead to a love to last for all time...

Meg lives alone in a neighborhood with a very special secret. Since the death of her parents, she’s been sort of adopted by the old ladies in the area and brought into their circle. A very magical circle.


Rich and his brothers have been sent to Meg’s neighborhood to check out rumors of an enemy strike. They are recently retired from the military, but still working as freelancers on very particular missions because of their unique abilities.


When the brothers move in across the street from Meg, Rich can’t help but notice her. She’s breaking his heart with her sad eyes and lonely existence. He wants to keep her company – in every sense of the phrase – but his mission should come first. Rich is torn between the woman who could be the love of his life and the mission which might end the threat of the Destroyer once and for all.


They will face danger together, making magical discoveries along the way, but will it be enough to defeat the evil chasing them and bring them both through to a future spent together?


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