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Dragon Knights: Return of the Ice Dragon

On a mission to discover the truth about an orphaned baby ice dragon, Joleyn wonders what in the world she's doing? She's a nobody. A farm-raised spinster of no importance. Her friendship with the ice dragon, Lady Esselyn, seems like her only qualification for inclusion in a high-level mission like this.


Guard Captain Jimnel of Valdis can't wait to see what life is like for the Dragon Knights in fabled Draconia. He's excited to be included in the party going to make contact with that far off land and he's even more pleased that the lovely Joleyn is along for the ride. He's been attracted to her for a long time, but until now, he hasn't been sure how to approach her.


Thrown together on their journey, Joleyn and Jimnel finally allow the simmering attraction between them to come to a boil. How things will work out in the end is still up in the air and dependant on their two dragon friends and a tiny lost soul with his talloned foot in both worlds.


It is the baby ice dragon, Tor, adopted by the King and Queen of Draconia, who will decide the fate of more than just himself. If he chooses to deny the adult ice dragons, there just might be war the likes of which the lands have never seen, pitting dragon against dragon. But how can he forsake the family that took him in and loved him when he was all alone and captive? He's facing a tough decision and  no matter what he finally decides, the lands will never be the same...

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